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Guide to the Different Kinds of House Siding
If you are building a new home, you can choose from many different kinds of siding you can use for your home.  If you are going to choose siding for your home, you can choose between wood, vinyl, steel , and aluminum.  There are two functions of wood siding.  It gives insulation and protection to your home and makes your house look appealing as well.  Your energy bills can be lowered if you choose the right kind of siding.  It will depend on how the siding is able to keep the cold or warm air inside your home.  The siding of your home is that first thing that people see. To get more info, click Hastings decks.  You can increase you home value by having its siding installed properly and maintained regularly.  Many people would like to buy your home if you have a great siding.

One of the best options for a siding is a wooden siding.  Wood is naturally beautiful compare to other types of siding.  The best aesthetics can be given by wooden siding.  Wood siding can be hardboard lap siding, split log siding, batten siding, channel siding, tongue and groove siding and many more.  Staining or painting your wood siding will give it a great finish.  Using wood siding has its own disadvantages.  Maintenance and upkeep is very important with wood siding.  One problem that wood encounters is rotting and deteriorating.  It is conducive to moss, algae, and mildew growth.  Hail and storm can easily damage wood siding.  Wooden sidings can make your house beautiful and you should use this if your don't mind doing regular maintenance work on it.

If you want cheap siding, then go for vinyl siding.  With vinyl, maintenance is easy and it does not rot.  Termites and insects prefer wood so your vinyl siding is safe from them.  Chipping and cracking is not a problem with vinyl, and its paint will not crack or peel.  Maintenance for vinyl siding is low and it is very easy to clean.  Although hail and storm cannot do anything to vinyl, but in the event that your vinyl siding is damaged, it has to be replaced because repair is difficult.  With vinyl your house will not have much insulation so it wil not help you save on your energy bills. To get more info, visit siding Hastings.  You home is also at risk of water damage if the siding traps moisture.  If vinyl is burned it releases toxic fumes which is not environmentally safe.  Vinyl might have its downsides but it continues to be the most common and the cheapest siding option.

Steel siding is thick and durable.  It is also resistant to fire and water.  Steel does not burn and can't easily be dented.  It is also low maintenance material.  However, steel is more expensive that the rest.  It is double the price of vinyl and difficult to work with.

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